Back in 1999, the year in which, thanks to an increasingly widespread presence of the internet, the first steps in the world of online gaming began to move. IsNumeric is born there, in a still immature and confused landscape, thanks to the prompt intuition of the board management, communication protocols are developed with AAMS and Sogei and therefore the first online gaming software that was able to group quotas, tournaments and sporting events . This defines isNumeric as a company capable of developing high-tech software. isNumeric aims to provide solutions to the most varied needs in the field of information technology and the constant search for new, increasingly advanced, high-performance and intelligent technologies. Our team is aware of the daily challenge and daily successes are achieved in achieving ever higher levels of effectiveness. The complete knowledge and the constant updating allowed us to develop extremely reliable IT systems, perfectly controlled and highly automated.
We are specialized in managing huge data flows with real time updating, and thanks to the cutting edge we are able to ensure the management of such data in a constant and timely manner.
Every member of the team knows the Gaming topic in a professional and passionate way and addresses with logic every change and innovation. Thanks to this competence, supported by the proven and long-standing experience, we are able to define ourselves as the cardinal point of those who want to compete in a constantly evolving market in a unique and highly professional way.

our mission

We believe that creativity is nothing more than dissatisfaction translated into art, this leads us to innovate and create new professional and intelligent tools that help every member of a Gaming company in daily operations in a profitable, effective and in step with the times.
Every day we look towards only one direction, with alternative methods aimed at giving always the most that is missing. Without half measures we try to challenge ourselves to do always better and always in a perfect way. If the saying is true that you never stop learning, we are sure of always knowing the right direction to take.
We believe that the only place where success comes before sweating is just the dictionary. Before satisfying our customers we try to satisfy ourselves, and this is what today is lacking in a market logic aimed at earning money as soon as possible and which often sacrifices aesthetics, quality and innovation.